Kate Moss, March 1993
Edition 2/50

152.4 cm. x 152.4 cm. / 60 in. x 60 in.
Digital C-Type print Signed and numbered by the artist

“I remember I was at a modelling agency and I saw this young girl sitting in the office. She just struck me and I knew she’d take a great photo. She just had something incredibly special and I could see that straight away. We arranged a time for a photo shoot — and these are two of the first photos I took of Kate Moss. She must have been about 19 when these photos were taken.” — Terry O’Neill

Terry O’Neill’s candid photojournalistic portraits of creative and political luminaries have included Brigitte Bardot, The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Nelson Mandela, and Frank Sinatra, to name just a few, and have appeared on the covers of Life, Rolling Stone, and Vogue.

Courtesy of Terry O’Neill and Iconic Images 

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