Yume Lion (The Dream Lion), 2009
Bronze with platinum leaf on marble base
75 1⁄4 in. x 50 in. x 43 3⁄4 in. / 191.1 cm. x 127 cm. x 111.1 cm.
Edition 1 of 3, plus 2 Artist Proofs

One of the biggest names in the contemporary art world, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami's work is immediately recognizable for its eye-popping, candy-like colors and anime aesthetic. Often featuring playful imagery such as smiling flowers, oversized blinking eyes, and Technicolor mushrooms, he is the heir to Warhol in his ability to appropriate popular commercial images— in Murakami’s case inspired by anime and Japanese manga comics—into iconic works of art.

Due to his commercial appeal, his art has been applied to everything from keychains and mugs to a longstanding collaboration with French couture powerhouse Louis Vuitton. He is not just another Pop artist; Murakami's work is informed by the tradition of Japanese art. As founder of the postmodern art movement “Superflat,” combining the graphic practices of contemporary Japanese culture with the flattened print and painting traditions of its rich past, he has pioneered an aesthetic taken up by numerous followers.

Murakami studied at Tokyo University of the Arts and holds a PhD in nihonga (traditional Japanese painting). He has exhibited his work around the world, including Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Paris, Frankfurt, and Qatar. In 2010, his sculptures, another edition of Yume Lion (2009), and paintings were displayed in 15 rooms of the Palace of Versailles as part of his first major retrospective in France. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, arranged a survey of his works in 2017, many of which had never been shown in North America. In 2016, he was awarded the 66th Art Encouragement Prize by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Courtesy of GAGOSIAN
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