Inspired by Tradition. Powered by Electricity.

Become an owner of the world’s leading luxury electric powerboat. Inspired by classic boatbuilding traditions, the Vita is powered by a groundbreaking propulsion system, incorporating proprietary throttle and touchscreen technology from Vita Power. Built at the company’s base on Lago Maggiore, Italy, the boat combines exquisite craftsmanship and expert engineering to deliver speed and luxury in harmony with its surroundings.

Vita Power was founded with the aim of bringing the latest in automotive technology and engineering to the marine world. As battery technology evolves, range is resolved by Vita superPowerTM, an expanding global network of marine superchargers. Simply stop for lunch while the Vita boat recharges.

Elegance: The lines and detailing of the Vita draw from the best in Italian design. Vita holds up to 8 people in perfect comfort thanks to a flexible seating configuration that allows for seamless transitions between high-speed, dining, and lounge modes.

Silence: The Vita, silent on electric power, is the first powerboat to achieve a ClearwaterTM Gold Standard rating for its low environmental footprint. Unlike many powerboats, Vita allows you to enjoy the ocean without putting it at risk.

Technology: Our innovative power system integrates 235kWh of compact and lightweight liquid-cooled lithium battery storage with 580hp from twin electric water jet drives, all controlled by Vita Power’s proprietary touchscreen user interface. This works seamlessly with the Vita superPowerTM network of marine superchargers to maximize range.

Speed: The Vita boasts a cruising speed of 25 knots and a maximum speed of 40 knots. Vita Power won both the offshore speed and endurance races at the 2018 Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge by significant margins.

Courtesy of Vita Yachts

Shipping costs and all applicable taxes are the responsibility of the winning bidder. Delivery will be within approximately 8 months from the time of payment.