A day with Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici and Michelangelo in Rome!

Join Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici on a Secret Tour of the Church of San Silvestro al Quirinale—not normally not accessible to the public—which was Michelangelo’s residence during the time he was painting the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

While touring the San Silvestro al Quirinale, you will view the magnificent ceiling frescos and a sculpture created by Michelangelo of the most important woman in his life never shown to the public, as well as other significant fine art including one of the oldest Romanesque icons from the 1300s.

After the tour you will enjoy an aperitif in a beautiful and serene “secret” Roman location, known only to a Medici Prince, as well as a private dinner at one of the residences of Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici in Rome. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have your favorite wine bottle blessed by the Knights Order of San Martino.

You will relish dining on secret Medici family recipes—including a savory tiramisu—with Prince Lorenzo who might share with you inside knowledge such as that Leonardo Da Vinci was the first convinced vegetarian, and it was Da Vinci who invented napkins for the Medici family!

This experience will bring you back to the great Italian Renaissance era while revealing secrets of Michelangelo... and the Medicis!

Courtesy of Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici
Flights, accommodations, and ground transportation in Rome are the responsibility of the successful bidder. The day with the Prince is to be scheduled by mutual convenience within one year of auction.