CHUM (KC011), 2016
Acrylic on canvas
60 in. x 49 in. x 1 3/4 in. / 152.5 cm. x 124.5 cm. x 2.5 cm.

CHUM displays KAWS’ ability to absorb images of characters from popular culture and transform them into unique creations. By adding his signature artistic trademarks, he creates a hybrid figure that is at once disquieting and reassuring. CHUM is a perfect embodiment of KAWS’ visual vocabulary. Using shaped canvases with thick outlines that emphasize bold colors, KAWS reworks recognizable images that transcend languages and cultures. His characters have friendly names such as CHUM, COMPANION, ACCOMPLICE, and BFF, and express a range of human emotions that engender feelings of intimacy and relatability. But the familiar and recurring imagery that populates KAWS’ artwork also prompts the viewer to search for deeper significance.

Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin


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