Squirm, 2012–2013
10 in. x 8.6 in. x 4.3 in. / 26 cm. x 22 cm. x 11 cm.

Liu Jianhua (b.1962, Ji’an, China) is one of China’s best-known sculpture and installation artists who uses comprehensive materials. He has participated in numerous major exhibitions including the 57th International Art Exhibition,“VIVA ARTE VIVA,” of the Venice Biennale. His works have been collected by institutions across the globe, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Tate Modern, London.The artist now lives and works in Shanghai, China. Squirm appears to be intestine-like, presenting a biological structure. It also is an internal life structure and a manifestation of the concept of a system, which has links to a similar structure chain that exists in the contemporary society. The work gives expression to the artist’s view on social issues.

Courtesy of the artist and John Dodelande


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