These days his work is everywhere − from the covers of VOGUE, Harpers Bazaar and GQ to the National Portrait Gallery in London. 

His recent photos of Rihanna have been praised as a turning point in fashion photography. And the lucky winner of this prize will get a photo shoot with Mariano Vivanco himself. 

Often using simply light and shade, Mariano applies his signature principles of pure photography to creating his famous portraits. So just trust him to create a simple and elegant masterpiece that will remind you of the day you visited the studio of Mariano Vivanco himself

Courtesy of Mariano Vivanco

Travel, accommodations, and ground transportation are not included. Styling, hair and makeup for the photoshoot and other production costs are not included. Portrait sitting to take place in Paris or London and must be completed within a year of purchase. Portrait sitting to be arranged according to Mariano Vivanco’s schedule and by mutual convenience. It will result in one picture only, which will be printed post-shoot. Shipping costs and all applicable taxes are not included.