Experience Rio Carnival like never before ... alongside one of the most popular drum queens of Carnival—Sabrina Sato!

You and a guest will attend Sabrina’s rehearsal and show at the 2019 Carnival and accompany her inside the exclusive Camarote N1 VIP Box. Camarote N1 is a party within the Sambadrome and offers the most exclusive experience featuring celebrity guests, special performances, samba, a sumptuous buffet, and one of the best views of the avenue.

Can’t think of what to wear? Sabrina will give the winning bidder one of the costumes she wore during a past Carnival. Feel free to use it as inspiration or maybe you just want to wear it yourself— after all, she’s always the best dressed and most glamorous presence at Carnival!

As a drum queen for 15 years with Gaviões da Fiel samba school in São Paulo and 8 years with Vila Isabel samba school in Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina has come to be the unofficial muse of Carnival. In 2018 she was the most talked about drum queen on Facebook and Twitter and her video posted on Instagram from the Gaviões da Fiel samba school presentation had over 2.1 million views.

Courtesy of Sabrina Sato

Must be used during Carnival 2019 . Flights, accommodations, and ground transportation are not included. Costume is provided as is; any alterations or changes are the responsibility of the successful bidder.