romy ferrara

Triptych, 2015
210 cm. x 100 cm. / 82.67 in. x 39.37 in.
Mixed-media in 3D on canvas Signed by the artist

Born in Italy, Romy Ferrara studied Human and Philosophical Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan. Afterwards, she devoted herself to acting, from the beginning learning the Stanislavski method with Raul Manso and Michael Margotta, direct pupils of Konstantin Sergeyev Stanislavski. Later, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in fashion and cinema. She acted in the Coca-Cola commercial directed by Oscar winner John Madden, director of Shakespeare in Love. And she starred with Kim Rossi Stuart in the film directed by Michele Placido, La fleur du mal. Back in Italy, she decided to devote herself to art, her first passion. She attended the experimental painting course at the Naba in Milan, where she specialized in abstract art. For five years, not by chance, her work moves between abstractionism and conceptualism. Her last series, entitled “noumeni,” is an interesting analysis of this term dear to Plato and Kant: her works, although abstract, are the perfect expression of the concept of noumenon. Forcing its non-representability by virtue of its intelligibility, she makes manifest what would otherwise remain unknowable, or not experienced by the senses. The result is abstract works of an absolute smoothness and brilliance, in which color dominates the form, determines its existence. Romy Ferrara currently works with Ace Gallery in Los Angeles and Galleria D’arte L’incontro in Italy. 

Courtesy of the artist

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